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WALL-E floor scale platform stainless steel floor scale Weighbridge Truck Scale

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Màu sắc: Màu xanh da trời Phạm vi: 1600kg 1500kg 3000kg
Nguồn cấp: 12 VDC Vật chất: Thép không gỉ
Sức chứa: Cân nền 600kg Tên: Cân điện tử kỹ thuật số

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WALL-E floor scale platform stainless steel floor scale Weighbridge Truck Scale


Floor scales characterized by a multifunction, compact weight indicator and a sturdy, monobloc, steel platform. Particularly suitable for industrial and commercial use, guaranteeing precision and reliability. Available also in CE-M approved version according to OIML R-76 / EN 45501 standards.
Weight indicator with ABS case, 25mm backlit LCD display with 6 high contrast digits and icons for showing the active functions. 5-key functional waterproof keypad.
Fitted with fixing bracket with adjustable inclination.
Functioning with 4 steel load cells, approved according to OIML R60 C3 standards, IP67 protection degree.
Monobloc structure with oven-fire painted steel tubular, adjustable resting feet, and level.
Protection reinforcements close to the load cells.
Fixed load surface in chequered steel, size: see the table.
Digital calibration and Set-Up from keypad or from PC through DINITOOLS.
Cable 3m long for the connection between platform and indicator.
Supplied as standard with 4 AA batteries extractable drawer (batteries not included), and 12V external power adapter (if connected it excludes the battery supply).
Fitted with high resolution calibration for internal use, with 0.03% accuracy of the maximum capacity (activated as standard and disabled by menu).
The user can select the operating modes directly using the dedicated key*:
- High resolution display x 10
- Precision weighing with temporary recalibration via a sample weight (for internal factory use)
- Net/Gross
- Lb to Kg converter
- Free conversion factor (for meter and litre counters etc.)
- Weight totalizer
- Formulizer
- +/- controller with quick target and threshold input
- Percentage weighing
- Piece counter
- Hold
The “alibi memory” function is available in combination with the required operating mode and it is activated automatically when installing the relevant optional board.
Optional functions:
- PEAK, detection of weight peaks (code DFWPK)
- Newton to Kg converter (code DFWPK)
Access to the user menu is gained using the dedicated key* to adjust the weighing filter, date and time, setpoint and tare weight, which the user can access by entering a programmable access password.
* These quick access keys to the menus can be blocked by configuring a dedicated password.
Weighbridge Truck Scale Available versions
l x w x h
Nr. of cells Max

2R (kg)*
  WEFLB1500-1 1250x1250x120 4x1000kg 600/1500 0,2/0,5 0,2/0,5
  WEFLD3000-1 1250x1500x120 4x2000kg 1500/3000 0,5/1 0,5/1
  WEFLE3000-1 1500x1500x120 4x2000kg 1500/3000 0,5/1 0,5/1
(*) These divisions are obtainable only with the relative options.

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